Troubleshooting is a broad term for finding solutions to printer-related problems and enquiries. Check your printer troubles in relation to the error code that appears on the printer screen. Also, use the accessible topics on the Epson Official page for troubleshooting. You might be able to avoid serious troubleshooting complications. If you have a properly installed and activated Epson ET-4850 driver. Use the procedures provided to attempt to address your Epson printer troubles as soon as possible.

How can I resolve the problem that the Epson ET- 4850 printer driver is unavailable?

To begin, turn on the system and update the operating system using the start menu > updates option.

The update procedure will begin in the next window.

Then, restart the system and navigate to Start > Devices & Printers > Epson printer.

Launch the basic troubleshooter on the machine by going to the Start menu and searching for Troubleshooting.

Choose Troubleshooter> Hardware & Sound> Epson Printer from the menu.

Finally, complete the Epson ET- 4850 printer configuration for effective printing.

How can I resolve Epson ET-4850 printer offline problems?

Unplug any attached port wires from the printers to the socket as carefully as possible.

Connect the Epson ET-4850 printer and system with the same wireless network and double-check the other power wires for appropriate installation.

Then, confirm that the network is reliable and free of buffering.

Reboot the computer once to restore the printer to its default settings. Then, navigate to the control panel options.

Check that the ink cartridge slots are clear of blocked nozzles.

Finally, finish the Epson ET-4850 wireless setup with a stable network and print a test print to check the configuration.

How can I resolve the Epson ET-4850 Printers not connecting to Wi-Fi?

To access the Epson website, use the systems search tab.

To continue, install the Epson ET-4850 software update tool combination or a single utility pack.

Using the network settings, connect the printer to an accessible wireless network.

Reset and reload the Epson printer if it fails to connect to the wireless router.

To open the Run command box, press the Windows key and R at the same time.

Continue by going to the control panel > printers and scanners > adding the Epson ET-4850 printer > properties > ports.

Check that the printer with port connections is acceptable before proceeding.

How can I resolve the Epson ET-4850 Printer Scanning problem?

For Microsoft Windows

To begin, turn on the system and choose the Epson printer icon from the system display.

Continue with the options Run this software in compatibility mode> Windows+ R> services.msc

Finally, start Windows Image Acquisition > properties > Automatic> Service status> running> Apply> OK.

Check that the scanner is in excellent working order and that it can function efficiently.

Finally, try updating the Scanner driver by going to the Driver Easy app and scanning.

For the Mac

To begin, switch on the MAC device and navigate to the Apple icon > Application > Epson software> Epson ET-4850 Scan settings.

You must first try the complete network print to confirm the network connection’s reliability.

Try pressing the Test button and uninstalling the programme with several versions.

Reinstall it and restart the Mac to complete the scanning procedure.

How Do I Set My Epson ET-4850 Printer to Factory Settings?

First, turn off the system.

Keep the printer around for your convenience.

On the ET-4850 printer, look for the reset button.

Once you’ve located the reset button, carefully push and hold it with any sharp-pointed instrument.

Switch on the Epson ET 4850 printer and press and hold the Reset button.

When you observe the printer printing with a warning, release the button.

After the printer has been reset, you will receive a printout with an alternate set of IP addresses.

How do I Reset the Epson ET-4850 Printer?

To begin, turn off the Epson ET-4850 printer.

Use a safe and sharp-pointed instrument to press the printer’s reset button.

After that, restart the Epson ET-4850 printer and hold down the reset button for at least 30 seconds.

You will now observe the warning printing process, at which point you can remove your finger from the reset.

Finally, you will observe the IP address printing process. This completes the system setting setup.

All the Features You’re Probably Looking For

The ET-4850, like other AIOs, prints, scans, and functions as a standalone copier and fax machine. By printing to the ET-4850 fax driver, you may also send faxes from your desktop using Epson’s fax application or practically any Windows software. You may scan to online services such as Evernote, save the scan as a file, including to a cloud destination, or attach it to an email using the Epson ScanSmart app.

Thanks to a 250-sheet drawer and capability for automated double-sided printing, paper handling for printing is ideally suited for individual to micro-office use (duplexing). Epson recommends a monthly switching frequency of up to 800 pages per month, or 40 pages every day, as a reasonable level for the capacity. However, there is no single-sheet bypass tray. If you need to print on letterhead or other special-purpose paper on occasion, you must first load it into the paper drawer. The Brother MFC-J4335DW, on the other hand, has a reduced capacity but adds the convenience of a bypass tray.

For the price, paper handling for scanning, copying, and faxing is a touch underwhelming. The letter-size flatbed is supplemented by a 30-page ADF that can accommodate legal-size paper. The ADF, on the other hand, does not scan both sides of the page, and there is no support for manual duplexing, which would allow you to flip the stack over, scan the second side, and then automatically interfile the pages in the correct order. Although this may not be an issue for everyone, if you need to scan or copy two-sided documents, the printer (along with many of its competition in this price range) may be out of the question.

Small Enough to Share Your Workspace

The ET-4850 is available in black or white and is small enough to sit on your desk comfortably, allowing you to quickly access the paper tray or input scan, copy, and fax instructions using its 2.4-inch front-panel colour touch screen. With the ADF and output trays fully extended, it weighs just 14.8 pounds and measures 10.0 by 16.4 by 19.8 inches (HWD).

USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct are available as connection options. I used Ethernet for my performance tests. Epson’s Smart Panel software for Android and iOS mobile printing allows you to print from or scan to your mobile devices, as well as set up to monitor the printer. Furthermore, the ET-4850, like other modern Epson printers, features Epson Email Print and Epson Remote Print, which allow you to transmit files to the printer through the internet.

Thanks to a well-designed installation tool, installation is a breeze. Epson offers a CD that searches the internet for the most recent software; you can also download applications and drivers from Epson’s website.

One minor drawback is that the installation needs you to do a manual aligning process that requires you to notice minor variations in a series of print samples. This might be done automatically by placing the sample on the scan bed and letting the AIO choose the best one.

Enough speed, excellent quality

The ET-4850’s performance ratings aren’t very spectacular given the price, at 15.5ppm for monochrome black pages and 8.5ppm for colour, but it outperformed comparable priced inkjet tank printers and several less-expensive cartridge printers.

In my tests on our regular testbed, the ET-4850 printed monochrome text at 13.8ppm (52 seconds) utilising our 12-page Word file and included the first page. It scored 7.5ppm on our business apps suite, which includes colour output (3 minutes 20 seconds). Using Epson’s Premium Photo Paper Glossy, it took 1 minute and 25 seconds to print a 4-by-6-inch photo.

This virtually ties the ET-4850 with the less costly cartridge-based Brother MFC-J4335DW, which produced black text at 14.7ppm (49 seconds). However, both are substantially slower than the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7840 and WF-7820, two cartridge-based machines that can print up to supertabloid format and are more expensive than the Brother printer but less expensive than the ET-4850. At around 20ppm, the two WorkForce models were basically tied (24 seconds).

The ET-4850 was faster than any of the cartridge-based AIOs in our business applications package, which included colour pages. We measured the WF-7820 and WF-7840 at 12 ppm (2 minutes and 5 seconds) and the MFC-J4335DW at 10.5 ppm (2 minutes 23 seconds).

Astonishingly Low Page Cost

Because of the refillable tanks, the ET-4850’s ink cost per page is only 0.3 cent for a basic black page and 0.9 cent for colour. That’s a savings of 0.6 penny per black page and 3.6 cents per colour page, or $6 per 1000 text pages and $36 per 1000 colour pages over the Brother MFC-J4335DW. Always remember that the overall cost of ownership, which includes the original cost plus the recurring cost for the amount of pages you intend to print, is what matters. You’ll need to perform the arithmetic to determine which printer will be less expensive in the long run.

If you don’t intend to print many pages, try the Editors’ Choice-winning MFC-J4335DW for its inexpensive initial cost. If you want a speedier printer with more flexibility, choose the Epson WF-7820, which has 2 piece trays, or the WF-7840, which has 3. Both can handle up to supertabloid-size paper, and the additional trays let you load different types of paper at the same time.