Are you facing HP printer error 0x61000f6 while using your HP printer? So you don’t need to be tensed more about this technical error. This is a standard error that tells you that your HP printer is not connected correctly. Some other causes of this error may be an incomplete installation of printer driver software, corrupt download software, or any other corrupted-related error. Here are some technical guides that simply fix this error code 0x61000f6:-

History of HP printers

HP began to make inkjet printers with the HP Thinkjet (models HP 2225A and HP 2225B) in 1984.[3] In 1988, HP introduced the first DeskJet. It contains a built-in cut sheet feeder, 2 ppm, and 300 dpi. This was tracked by the DeskJet Plus in 1989. It gives a landscape printing ability. The DeskJet 500 was introduced in 1990, providing a faster printing speed of 3 ppm. In a meantime, HP introduced the DeskWriter for the Macintosh in 1989, based on the DeskJet 500.

By 1987, the world’s first full-colour inkjet printer, the PaintJet, was introduced. It was so successful that HP launched a version of the DeskJet capable of colour printing, the DeskJet 500C, in October 1991, which is also HP’s first 300 dpi colour printer, offering 4 minutes per page in colour, using a swappable either black or CMY print head cartridge. This was replaced by the DeskJet 550C in October 1992, HP’s first dual-cartridge colour DeskJet, giving a real black instead of mixed black ink in colour prints, using both the 500C’s cartridges at once. The DeskJet 560C followed in March 1994, which introduced HP ColorSmart to intelligently analyse documents for the best colour output.

In a meantime, HP introduced the DeskJet Portable (3 ppm) in 1992. It was designed to be easily portable. It was targeted at mobile professionals. It was changed by the HP DeskJet 310 (4 ppm B&W, 4 minutes per page colour) in 1993, the HP DeskJet 320 in 1994, the HP DeskJet 340 (2 minutes per page colour) in 1995, and the HP DeskJet 350 and 350CBi (5 ppm B&W, 2 ppm colour) in 2000.

HP continued to create black and white only inkjet printers with the HP DeskJet 510 (1992) and 520 (1994). The HP DeskJet 520 presented by resolution enhancement technology, or REt, to HP inkjet printers. It was also HP’s last black and white only inkjet printer. The HP DeskJet 500, 510, 520, 500C, 550C, and 560C were all changed by the HP DeskJet 540 (3 ppm B&W, 1.5 minutes per page colour). A one-pen inkjet printer, colour was optional. Also it introduced some other industrial designs.

Causes 0x61000F6 General Error Message HP Printer

Fix Printer Error Codes

When you are provided well, relay on these printers becomes natural. But what steps should be taken when your HP printer faces difficulties completing your print commands? Affording time to run to a technician isn’t always possible. A few times the problems are so small that you can sort them out on your own with the help of simple awareness and some guidelines by us. As a result, this article is written just to support you on that front. One of the most common error which your printer faces is- ‘HP printer general error 0x61000f6.’

So what does it mean when your HP printer shows- ‘HP Printer General Error 0x61000f6’?

When your HP printer shows the error- ‘HP printer general error 0x61000f6’, it can be a problem that can crop up due to many reasons that are related to carriage jam. It is a general error that can be solved by trying some methods of troubleshooting.

Confirm carriage moves automatically:-

a lot of times, this error code appears because of a carriage jam error. To solve this error, you need to follow the following steps:-

  • First of all, you need to check your printer carriage. As soon as your HP printer is on, you have to open the carriage access door.
  • After that, you should make sure that the carriage moves automatically, you try to move it in the left direction.
  • Lastly, you must make sure that the presence of paper pieces is placed near the carriage path.

Need to move & reinstall cartridges:-

this error may appear due to inappropriate installation of the cartridges, you need to follow the guide to eliminate it and then again install it.

  • To begin with, click the power button of your HP printer.
  • The following step is that you have to open the cartridge door, and you have to move it to the middle of the product.
  • Nextly, click on the font of the cartridge to release it and gradually pull it up and out to eliminate the slot.
  • Then, repeat the guide to remove each cartridge.
  • Lastly, check for instructions around the carriage.

Steps to reinstall the cartridges:-

  • Initially, you have to keep the printer cartridge by its side.
  • In the following step, slide the cartridge efficiently into a vacant slot and then press down.
  • After that, you need to repeat all the guides to install the cartridge again.
  • Nextly, you should close the cartridge access door.
  • Lastly, you have to turn on the printer just by holding the power button.

In case, you are still facing an error, you can follow the next method or you can take help from printer technicians through the toll-free HP printer tech support number quickly.

Must install repair software tool:-

You need to install and download any software like Smart PC fixer or something else repair software as per your needs and preference.

  • Firstly, you have to download the repair software tool from the website and save it on your computer system.
  • Must install this software on your PC.
  • After that, Run the scanning procedure on your computer system and remove this error.
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